Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

Hi guys!!! I'm back with another project. I've not expected that I will ever make a music video in my life! So this is a good opportunity to try another new things for me. It's pretty cool that I can work with other people too. In my team we have Katy, Kaile, Meah, And Eve. Why did I picked to be in there team? I picked them because first of all they're a really good friend to me. Second I trust them, and I can work with them easier than others. Most importantly I know we can finish this project with a music video that is sooooo perfect, and I know they're hardworking students. What's a music video without a song, right? That's why me and my team looked up all the songs we want and chose our favorite. And guess what............. we picked "Man in the mirror" by MICHAEL JACKSON! how cool is that! We picked this song because we know that we can make a really good story about....... to find out the story make sure you wait for our amazing video:) We also picked the song because it's our favorite and it makes you dance, have fun, and be happy. That's it folks, make sure you keep reading my blog to get more information about our AMAZING music video!

Every wonderful music video has a storyline to make sense. The question is, do we have a storyline? well of course we do. We want our storyline to relate and teach lessons to the audience. You know how "Man in the mirror" was talking about the people who have needs, but this people are just left alone by the other people that can see it but really don't care or being "blind". Our storyline can relate to the music video because we're going to choose one character to be the one getting bullied and the other character will help the one getting bullied. Then she is going to teach us to open our eyes to help the needed. After all that lesson, at the end people will join forces together and have fun like one big nation.

Here we go!! We're here at that point where we can see our amazing, and gorgeous final music video. But before that we need to go through the "rough draft" process. Me and my team are 100% confident that this music video will be AWESOME by the time we finish it! Now we're 75% there to finish our music video, today 5/16/17 we're going to film the rest of our video. This is the most of the lipsyncing part, and i'm totally gonna bring all my energy to it to make it the best :) Some of the parts of our filming session today will be helping others and the location will be at the park and 7/11. So if you guys saw us there don't be afraid to say hi ;) Soooo.... did you watch our music video yet? ..... It's awesome right?!... I told you.... soo what do you think about it, is it good or GREAT?! thanks for watching it!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Hey my amazing friends! I'm back with another fantastic project I will tell you about. This project is all about Movie Trailer. But wait what is Movie Trailer? Movie trailer is a film or a video which shows what's going to happen to it's upcoming movie. Movie trailer are really fun to make you could take a video of yourself and you'll might be a STAR soon! Me and my team we're planning a movie trailer with a little bit mix of horror theme and action. And guess what?! I will be the main character in this movie. How cool is that! I will be playing a girl named "Jeanne" which will received a letter from mysterious stranger. In that letter she will find a picture of her and someone she doesn't remember. Little do you know, she has a lost sister! To find out she will follow the map that comes with the letter. She will go to different destination and the final destination is where the cliffhanger will happen. The door suddenly opened, light started to going on and  she found out that............... Well I guess you'll need to watch the movie called "ANONYMOUS" to find out what's going to happen!

Wow this project is amazing guys! we've got to do our very own movie poster. However, our team been to some though challenges. One of them is our schedule. Some of my team cannot go to day we need to meet because of their daily plans. Second of all is our videos or film. I don't know if we can finish our movie trailer (But I can trust me and my team), because we don't even have our cliffhanger yet! We're trying to find our perfect place of abandoned building so we can film it. but we cannot find it. Third of all, I think we're having trouble with communication. Why? people in our team don't even agree with each others. I know...I know...... that we have a lot of problems but that's all gone for me because we have accomplish a lot of things too! One of them is our movie trailer is almost done. Second of all, I'm working really to finish our own movie poster! I swear it would be cool if you guys see it. I'm very happy that me and my team can hangout too because I want to make new friends you know.  Last but lot least is i'm really really REALLY happy because we're working together and we're about to accomplish our goal for this project.

OH MY GOD! Guys we finished our very own movie trailer. This project is really fun, because I got to learn more GT stuff :) First thing I learned is all about communication. Communication is very important to a team project especially you have four people in your team. I learned that share your ideas, and if they don't agree maybe let them share there idea first. And another one is I got to explore photoshop more. I didn't know how to mask your people for your poster until Mr. Sanderl thought us. I'm very happy about that because now I know how to do it. After the critique I got to see some amazing  movie trailer. We voted who was the best, and I'm thankful that someone voted for us! Our class gave us our grade (I posted the picture with this so you can see it) and we got good grades! I think our grade is fair. Guys that's all for now, see you at my next project!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

So this project is pretty cool because I got to work with others. Meah, Eve, and James are on my
team, I know that I'm pretty close to Meah and Eve but to James I don't really know him. I'm happy that I got to work with people I don't really know because I got to know them and how they take our group project seriously. Right know we're on a step where we really shared our Ideas. Our technique is work together. What I meant about working together is how we work on it every day and how we're being strict about the time we have to do this. We have two stories and the first one is about me being a normal person who doesn't care about others, until this girl named Eve helped me even though I didn't help her the time she needed help, so I attains my kindness. And the other story is about this ant was really depressed about how he really look small compare to the other ants, until she saved her family now she's the queen of their Ant World. That's how we work together and this is our story.

Our focus statement for our project is pretty cool. This project will teach us how to believe yourself, how cool is that! Me and my team partners are working very hard to prove to you guys that everyone can make a difference! How? you can make a difference with a simple thing you can help others or be respectful to the mother nature. Anything good will do. Ok, you want to hear a very awesome story? Well if so , here is it. There's a little poor ant that wants to make a difference named James. James living in an ant hill with his colony of ants and his sister Meah. This ant hill is belonged to the backyard of humans. One day one human kid was playing at their backyard and saw the ant hill. He ran towards it and stepped on it very hard. Oh no! the colony panicked. Meah was helping the colony to get out and saved their selves, then James tries to help but her sister said " your too small and weak for this job, so don't try to help." James was so upset that he decided to live. He went to the tall grass and hide their...until he hears his colony screaming and running around. He decided to help the colony even though he's too small. He tried so hard to help and now he succeed because of that everyone loves him. See the point there even thought he's small he tried so hard to help. Well the important point is whatever you are you can make a difference.

After all of that work my team and I did, we felt really great about it. We completed all the requirements that are suppose to be there; including the sounds, musics, and most importantly the clips with our scenes on it. It turned out super awesome! We can hear the scripts clearly, like the sound of ants that are panicking, Meah that's trying to help, and James that saved everyone from danger. At first though we felt a little bit scared because we don't know if our audience is going to like it but after 8 weeks hard work for it, they actually like it! We got 3/4, well it's not bad for me because it's better than something. However, I wish we got 4/4 because I think it's fair with all of our 8 weeks hard work to it. James did the sound and it was really good, Me and Meah worked on the sound effects and we did great, lastly Eve did the most editing part of the video and we helped her too with it, so it turned out really good.  Finally it turned out really really REALLY fantastic!!'

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Are facial expressions universal? What do you think? Well according to Charles Darwin said that "facial expression of emotion are universal, not learned differently in each culture." But according to what I think facial expression of emotion are universal, because everyone have the same emotions they can be happy, mad, sad, disgust, scared, and different kind of feelings that you can feel. And I think that facial expressions are part of us, or it's our nature, because we don't learn them, it's part of who we are.

We maybe have different steps how to make a portrait of your self or other's face, but mine I have my own. Here are my steps, step one first thing  you need to do, you need to take a picture of the person you will make a polygon portrait of, but make sure your photo is not a profile and make sure to include their whole head. Step two you need to put your photo on your photoshop. Step three set your grid and make sure their face are on the center or else you portrait will not be looking good. Step four put a line on the middle of your face then start to outline your whole head. Step five you need to make three sided shapes all over your face like put polygon on you eyes, skin, mouth, hair, and nose. Step six after you finish the polygons on your face you can now merge all of your layers. Step seven, after you finish all that steps, now you can hit the command F and start to color it. Those are my description of those steps, hope you understand them.

Poly-1 and Poly-2 are very different to me. Why? because on poly-1 I don't need to choose the colors and for ploy-2 I do. It's hard for me to chose the colors because I'm not really good at it. I say poly-1 is easier because we can/need make the outline and that outline help me very much to make triangles. Also we only need to do the half of our face not like poly-2 you need to do the whole face including the neck, shoulders, and her shirt. Another reason is I don't need to worry about the background. Now
I'm going to talk about how they look. They kinda look the same but Poly -2 has more texture and character. Also the image for poly-2 is more realistic than the other poly portrait. And that's why I think they're very different to each other.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

I interact with nature by taking care of them. What I meant of taking care of nature is to keep it clean. To help them keeping clean I will not let anyone throw trash at them. Another way I interact with nature is to keep them safe and don’t let the plants die. Another way I interact with nature is to change some dead plants to a new healthy plants. Or I can just help them to live again.

Time lapse are created with any kind of camera people can use. For example people used their phones, cameras, or just take a regular video then attach it to the computer and make it like a time lapse in software app. Slow-mos also can be make with those tools. But you need it to be close-up to the subject you're focusing to.

I think the hardest part of our work this quarter is to take the video. For example the slow-mos and time-lapses are kinda hard for me. Specially the part when i'm going to take a slow-mo of rain drops falling from my window or if it didn't rain i'm going to take a bird flying off the tree, but the problem is it didn't rain and it's hard to find a bird flying off from the tree at my house. But my favorite part of this project is when I edit, trim, and blade my video. Why? it's because I can lower or turn up my volume, also I can cut it or as we say trim the video to make it perfect. I think for me there's a lot hard stuff comparing to my favorite stuff to do in this project.

For  my critique video I was so nervous, because I'm the first one who will show the class. But I'm not only nervous, it's like there's a mix of excitement in my feeling, because I like to show everyone what I worked hard for. Then after all of my classmates showed there video our score was showed and I got 3/4.  I'm so surprise that I got 3/4, because I didn't expect that, well I actually expect my score will be 2/4, because I think I have a lot of mistakes. Still I think it's perfect for me that I got that score, because I worked really really REALLY hard for this project.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Hello everyone, Welcome to my blog, My name is Jeanne Casem and this is Jeanne Design . I'm 12 yrs old from the Philippines. Turning 13 yrs old on September 2nd. I have one older brother, two little siblings, and cute little Shih Tzu named "Buffy". I grew in the Philippines for 11  years and then moved here on February 14, 2015 so this coming Feb. 14 is our 2nd anniversary here in Kauai. I hope you like my introduction and please see my next post!

Life is like a poetry, because it sometime shows everyone what kind of person you are.
Like me I have some dreams to achieve, so I can go far.
I want to be Chef someday, because I love to cook.
Also want to make my very own Cook book.
To achieve this dreams I need an inspiration. 
Like something cool or someone in my family or something in my imagination.

Why do we use rhythm and rhyme? For me it's hard to answer that question, but I think they are important. I think it's important, because some people who don't use rhymes or rhythms in a piece of poem, it doesn't really make any sense. Also if you use them it makes people who's reading your writing feel more confident to read it. And it makes them understand it more easier. Thanks for reading my conlcusion and see you next time on my next post.